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Feb 25, 2013 - Blast off into space from Houston

It all began with small and seemingly impossible programs called the Mercury and Gemini programs...and today, here we have it, Space Center Houston. Lines of a movie ‘Houston, we have a problem’ may have lent a helping hand in making more charter bus Houston visitors curious about the mission control center and the work that Space Center Houston do on a daily basis.

We have a long way since Mercury and Gemini and humankind have also made leaps of progress from the days of Apollo landings on the moon but these are significant steps in the right direction in terms of space exploration. They are exciting even for the children because it gives them into a realistic look into the past to give them an idea about why there are even more awesome stuff that expect in the future. Suffice to say, Space Center Houston is the only space center in the world that allows charter bus visitors into their control centers and lets their guests in on how it works...with that said, you can’t miss it in the world. After all, the space center is only a Houston charter bus ride away from the downtown metropolitan area.

The Space Center is located a little off the popular National Aeronautics and Space Administration center, also known as NASA. The center is where teams of people manage human spaceflights and they are operating based on the direction of a nonprofit organization called Manned Spaceflight Educational Foundation Inc. It would be absolutely delightfully educational for the kids if they got the chance to take a quick tour during the Houston bus charter vacation to tour around NASA’s well known Johnson Space Center’s facilities to their hearts’ contents. Admission fees varies, depending on the type and number of tours and levels. We recommend checking their website out for more information about schedules, tours and programs.

Some Houston bus rental visitors say that the tram tour is an absolute must because it is only through the stops that the tram makes along the way, they got to briefly catch astronauts in training, at work and in discussions. Basically, stuff that we only got to see on TV. Of course, the space vehicle mockup facility and Saturn V Complex does not pale in comparison at all.

We reckon that the whole tour around Space Center Houston and NASA’s facility will take up a good half a day of your charter bus Houston vacation and after completion of the tour, the kids and grownups alike are going to bring home incredible memories and information about human life and space travel. Impressive things like this tends to put things back into perspective when we get back to our everyday lives after the Houston bus charter getaway.

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