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Nov 8, 2013 - Discovering The Hollywood in Houston

You don’t really have to be in Houston in order to experience Hollywood. There is always a slice of Houston that truly rings the Hollywood feel and we are here to show you how you can have a piece of the Hollywood pie without leaving Houston.

First off, the amazingly gorgeous Houston downtown bay view backdrop have served as stage for many films, movies, series and advertisements in the past. And they have mostly passed off as Hollywood. Do some background research to find filming locations before you Houston bus charter, shuttle bus, mini bus, party bus or school bus group trip.

One prime example would be Transformers’ Dark Side of the Moon which used the rather retro side of Houston in Lyndon B as the backdrop. Where the spacecraft crashes on to the moon, Houston was in focus. More than a hundred extras were called in to provide a very period feel to the scene. Another space related movie which made used of NASA center’s Space Center Houston for a couple of the scenes in the movie is Armageddon. Top billing actors, Ben Affleck and Bruce Willis reportedly completed their astronaut training at the space center. NASA’s famous space center is a must for Houston charter bus rental travelers like yourself.

To turn things around a little, Reality Bites, starring Ethan Hawke and Winona Ryder was also partly filmed in downtown Houston, namely Tranquility Park and a house in the Montrose Neighborhood.

The historical buildings in Houston might be one of the reasons why production crews chose Houston as a filming location. Rushmore, starring the legendary Bill Murray, spent much of his time filming at Houston’s Museum District and Hotel Zaza. Just Google up the hotel and you will soon see that the hotel is located right smack in the middle of luxury and pampering businesses all around. A great place to stay during your Houston charter bus rental visit.

Do you need more? If yes, read on. In 2011, Puncture starring Captain America, Chris Evans was filmed in its entirety in Houston. The home and workplace for the film can be found in one of the gorgeous places in Houston, Heights and Harris County Civil Courthouse. The production crew must have found some love for Houston’s best Tex-Mex Houston bus charter, shuttle bus, party bus tourists’ favorite restaurants called Irma’s as it was used as a filming location for quite a number of scenes in the movie. Char Bar on Travis Street also received from film love.

Most major productions and films were filmed in the downtown area of Houston, including the famous Tree of Life movie which featured some of Houston most amazing landmark buildings and downtown area.

As you can see, sometimes, you don’t have to be in Hollywood in order to experience it at all. Just take a short Houston charter bus rental tour around city center and you can feel the very same vibe. It is good enough for Hollywood, it is good enough for anyone.

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