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Aug 6, 2013 - Finding Hard-to-Find Products at Phoenicia Specialty Food

There is something very real and practical about what you can find and experience at Phoenicia Specialty Food. It is absolutely devoid of pretentiousness and over-commercialization. To-date, according to the last update on their website, Phoenicia carries more than fifteen thousand different types of specialty foods from more than fifty countries all around the world. We are talking about the best beers from another corner of the globe, an abundance of fresh cheese and quality meat, round-the-corner or frozen seafood and of course, boutique wine and finely brewed beers. Make your way to this corner of Houston if you want to sample something unique during your Houston bus charter visit.

The main focal point of visiting Phoenicia during your Houston charter bus rental vacation would be to come experience a whole host of different products...authentic ones....without leaving the country.

Rewind thirty decades ago, Bob and Arpi Tcholakian, both foreigners with or without their rented charter bus, coach charter, school bus or passenger vehicle, trying to build their American dreams. As they starting growing roots on this part of the American soil from Lebanon and Armenia respectively, the site was quickly acquired together for the formation and birth of Phoenicia Deli which is a sort of a two thousand square foot worth of delicatessen and grocery store on their corner of Beltway 8. To make an extra dollar or two on the space that they have in the deli, they rented out space for people to store their specially-imported products....and as they grew, the service became even more popular...and today, they eventually saw the need for something like this and cleverly responded to the demand by purchasing a huge fifty five thousand space to import, store and supply the locals with unconventional products.

And since 2006, when the new Phoenicia Specialty Foods was opened, they have never looked back and neither have their customers who have continuously returned to the place during their Houston charter bus vacations.

Being foreigners and migrants, they very obviously know and understand the hardships of those who had to go through pretty much the same thing. Therefore, it is heartening to note that the management makes incredible effort to give back to the community because they have been through difficult times and yet, the community and society near the business area were so supportive of their efforts. Every year, a selected organization is selected as the benefactor of their contributions - over the years, they have provided aid to local, national and global organizations alike.

Some of our Houston charter bus rental customers contend that it is one of the best and fastest place to grab a quick lunch because of its convenient proximity to the main convention center.

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