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May 8, 2013 - Houston State Parks

Most of us will think of hilltop climbs, jungle trekking, hiking, walking, biking and wide open spaces when they mention Houston. Houston is a blessed city because Mother Nature has been kind to her in terms of great, sunny year all year round and incredible landscape. So, when one gets the chance to get up close and personal with Houston, it is almost always time to get out the walking shoes or maybe even saddle up a horse or pony.

The landscape is phenomenal from the pines that lies untouched by man to the east of Texas which stretches right to the white, sandy beaches a little south near the Gulf of Mexico. In between them, there is a huge number of state parks that are well-maintained and preserved in the name of nature, health and Mother Nature. But what this means for Houston bus charter rental customers like yourself is...endless options for outdoor activities! And you can do all of that even better when you get a shuttle bus, charter coach, mini bus, school bus or even a party bus for some exciting extensive partying in Houston.

Not too far away from downtown Houston where you will probably have booked up a hotel room lies the gorgeous park called the Sheldon Lake State Park. The park comes with its own modern and chic Environmental Learning Center right smack in the middle of it - which makes it all the more perfect if you are bringing little ones and teenagers with you. On the two thousand and eight hundred acre parkland, kids will get to learn more about a huge variety of wildlife (deers, alligators, bald eagles and other smaller animals that calls this natural habitat home) and also sign up for a short tour and learning program offered by the Environmental Learning Center. The state park is named after the lake which also serves as a reservoir. There are not many swampland left in the United States but this is one that is completely natural and alive - absolutely a must for Houston bus charters rental visitors and tourists who are nature lovers.

For those who are a little more adventurous, we gathered that you will have a really great time exploring the Sam Houston National Forest and Huntsville State Park which shares Lake Raven and Lake Livingston.

Houston’s vast landscape and gorgeous parks are sometimes the ONLY reason people actually book their bus charter vehicles from a company like Bus Companies Houston for an extended getaway from their everyday lives. We figured that it would be our honor if we could have a hand in helping make YOUR charter bus visit a much more memorable one in the near future.

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